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    Default U/S and appt update :)

    My u/s took an hour and a half ! LOL, I was gone!

    The first thing the tech mentioned was that my placenta looked "very thick" and he spent a loooong time trying to find where the placenta ended and my uterus started. He wasn't able to get a good visual of certain heart structures, the bladder, or some of the spine because my placenta was in the way so he called the dr in (he also wanted her opinion on my placenta). She was able to get what was needed for the heart and spine, but not the bladder. She said the thickened area was not all placenta, but doesn't look like a hematoma either, and feels it's due to a localized contraction of my uterus that is making the endometrium appear thicker. LOL, poor Mocha looked so squished ! They did consult with another dr (out of the room) to make sure the pics were fine and whether or not the bladder measurements were necessary (they weren't since baby was swallowing, the bladder was empty, and the kidneys weren't enlarged so obviously the bladder is working fine).

    Also baby is measuring 18wks+3 (I'm 19wks+2) and is about 9oz, HR was 142. My OB isn't worried about measuring small at this point...actually only the bi-parietal diameter was 18wks+3, everything else was measuring right around 19wks+0 so I'm not sure why they put so much emphasis on the BPD . Most of my kids have narrow heads, lol, and I remember both of my other kiddos that I did 20wk u/s with were also measuring 5-7days smaller. He did say they'll be monitoring baby's growth though so although it's not a concern right now I'm glad he's keeping a close eye on it.

    I've gained 3lbs total and BP was good at 98/56. He is also rechecking my thyroid, and I had them do the b/w from the pulmonologist too, lol, forgot all about that ...I should have those results online early next week.

    My next appt is in 4wks on July 21st ...I'll be 23wks+2!

    It was a great appt...wish we could have gotten better views of Mocha's face, but that's okay, just glad she's doing well . I'll post pics soon...been cleaning up after being gone all day, had dinner, and am now getting my little ones in bed.

    ETA u/s pic...19wks+2:
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