Hello, the other sites I have used just aren't giving me the answers I need and no replies. I had an AF starting the 10th of this month and lasting 7 days. The first 2 days were heavy/normal and then the last 5 days were very light and pink which is not normal for me. There was a few times I actually thought it had ended. It usually is heavier longer and slowly gets darker and starts easing. I had the normal breast enlargement and tenderness before AF and the cramping the first day of AF and very bad heartburn (weird for it to be as bad as it was) then about 2/3 days after the end of AF I was having very annoying mild cramps. Also heartburn. 5 days after AF having breast soreness. The left of my side hurts, sharp pains. Kind of feels like it is in my back. I took he tests one came out with an extremely faint positive but drs test and blood test was negative. Been very tired and, something just isn't right. I know I had an AF but I hear its commen when pregnant. My areolas are also changing. Darker and my nipples seem to be sensitive but hard to tell. What is going on ? Please, help me.