since Preston was about 11 months old, he started this pretty constant whining and following me around. When he learned to walk at 13 months it got much worse. He acts frustrated with me at times for not breast feeding him more often than he wants. Right now I am holding strong at 4x in 12 hours He will pull at my top and hit me on the chest at least 3-4x more than our normal sessions My sister hand mentioned yesterday (as she noticed how extreme the behavior has gotten) that the whining and constant following around is more than likely due to breast feeding and his age I am not an insensitive mom, and even writing this out I'm thinking, are people going to feel like I just don't want to deal. It's really not that! It's just so tiresome having the whining and pretty much tripping over him all day. Cleaning is difficult, cooking is frustrating, and my homeschool pre-k program becomes overwhelming. I'm not saying that I am going to stop nursing just because of the behavior! Neither of us are ready for that yet, I'm just wondering if any of you have experienced, or have ideas on curbing his whining, following, hitting/pulling my chest.

When he takes a nap I feel like this

He really is good baby, and he is perfectly happy most the other time of the day... I'm with my sis in that I'm pretty confident it's a breastfeeding thing.