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    Default Days are Getting Rough

    I'm 31 weeks and the last few days have been so so rough physically.
    I don't carry huge, I measure 2 weeks small, although Micah measures appropriately.
    Justifiably I'm exhausted, I don't sit down with 4 children 4 and under, but emotionally I'm not handling the physical pain/fatigue well. I'm starting to worry (and I'm not one to worry or have anxiety) about how I'll get through the remainder of pregnancy.
    Last night, I literally had to pause mid way up the stairs to rock my hips and release my back so I could continue up.
    I do yoga twice a day and see my chiropractor once a week. Reality is that my body is taking a beating and will continue to.
    I guess I just needed a place to share my struggles/heart.

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    I'm sorry Ashlee. I can't even imagine how you do it with 4 small children. I'm barely managing with my 2. I was wondering about you the other day. Hang in there and it will all be over soon!

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    I'm sorry, that sounds like a lot to handle. You're doing great! It's really amazing that you're giving yourself 2x a day of yoga, that has to be so great for your mind/body even if you're not immediately feeling it.
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    Huge hugs. You are welcome to whine and vent all you need! I am not taking the last weeks well and I have only 2 children and I have someone to help clean our apartment twice a week! Can't even imagine how I would do it in your place. Glad that your baby is fine. Hope next 9 weeks fly fast and you don't have to wait too long to hold him in your arms!!!

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    I've been thinking of you Ashlee !

    Praying praying praying for peace and strength to meet the moment by moment challenges the rest of your pg !!
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