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    DH and I are taking DS (11 months) to Aruba next month. I have some questions for those of you who have traveled with young kids.

    1. Do I need to buy him a life preserver? He will only be in the water with DH or myself obviously so I'm not sure if this is necessary?

    2. He will be a lap baby on the plane, but once we get to the island, if we were going in a cab or something I'd want him in a car seat. But then I'm thinking, if we put the car seat in a cab to a restaurant, we'd have to take it out and bring it into the restaurant and then put it in another cab home. Is this what is typically done?

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    1. you could get one to make you more comfortable with him in the water but i don't think its necessary.
    2. i have used a carseat as a makeshift highchair so i wouldn't have a problem with one in a restaurant. restaurants should be helpful and let you stow it in a corner or under an unused table they may have a stand too that allows you to use it as a highchair too.

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    I would buy a life jacket for him I just don't think you can be too careful even if you are obviously going to be with him at all times. We bought one for Sophia when we went to Holiday World a local theme park she didn't really *need* it but, it also provided extra protection from the sun so really I don't see any cons for it.
    For the carseat I would just stick on an extra chair most places probably wouldn't care.
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    Do you plan on getting on a boat or just swimming? FOr just swimming, I wouldn't worry about it.

    What part of Aruba are you staying in? If you are staying in the main city, you can walk everywhere, so no need for a carseat. If you are in the resort area, I would bring a carseat.

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    We live in Hawaii and have taken DS in the ocean a few times, and we don't have a life jacket for him. If you are going on a boat though, I'd get one.
    I don't have any advice about the carseat, since the only place we've traveled with DS was home to our families, so we didn't use a cab at all.

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    The hotel/resort where you are staying may have a life jacket/flotation device you can rent if you take DS in the water, so you might want to check on that. We did that in Hawaii with DD when she was about 15 months old.

    As for the car seat, it is really what you are most comfortable with. I have taken DD in the car with no seat a couple of times in cabs and held her. It is definitely not the safest option, but it was legal in the situations we were in (like a day trip to NYC on the train from NJ - it would have been nearly impossible to carry a seat around with us sightseeing. Maybe you could ask the hotel about this kind of situation as well, and what other guests have done?

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    Floatation is up to your preference, I've done it both ways depending on where we are (beach:no, constantly around resort pool: yes) but where you are staying May offer floatation devices for free so I would check.

    As for the car seat, you can check it in and a stroller for free. It does not matter what they charge for luggage. I keep my stroller with us throughout the whole airport and then check it at the gate. Since it is free, I would bring it and then assess once you are in Aruba. If you find you are not needing it, leave it in the room we have traveled with the kids 3x to Mexico and 2x to Hawaii and it has always work out great.
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