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    My son is going to kinder in the fall. He loves workbooks. I have gone through quite a few. I like Kumon, and have done all the ones for his ability. Does anyone have any other recommendations for kindergarten level workbooks? I am ordering from Amazon. The last time I bought one from them, I was not impressed, so I wanted to see if anyone else had a favorite or even another publisher I could look at.

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    If you have one near you, I've had good luck at Dollar Tree. The one near me has a ton of different workbooks, and you can't beat the price!

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    Honestly we found some some awesome workbooks that are actually up to par with what Cody is learning from the Dollar Tree. If you don't have Dollar Tree or Dollar General , Walmart also has some awesome ones.
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    I used to work at a teacher store and our bestsellers for home practice were by far the Spectrum series. I just searched it on Amazon and they sell them. Just put in Spectrum kindergarten and they come up. These are also really good practice as kids get older, and serve well for test prep for standardized testing as well (I am assuming those wonderful tests aren't going anywhere just yet... Evan Moor is another good publisher.

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