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Thread: Beta Numbers 20dpo = 2328

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    Default Beta Numbers 20dpo = 2328

    Hi Ladies! I just got the results of my blood test from this morning and my beta numbers are 2328 today at 20dpo. Is that normal? Good? What does it mean?

    Last time I miscarried, I think they tested me twice in a row to see if numbers doubled (and they didn't). This time they are only testing me once (no signs of miscarriage). What do the numbers mean?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Your numbers sound right on the money for 20 dpo, yay!!!!

    The numbers merely mean that your placenta is doing its job, and you're producing pregnancy hormones (doubling in early pregnancy confirms viability).

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    !!!! That's a beautiful starting beta!

    The most important thing is that they increase by at least 60% within 48-72hrs...everything crossed for a good 2nd beta !!
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