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Thread: Baby's Hearing test

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    Default Baby's Hearing test

    My baby failed all of his newborn hearing tests. We just went to his 3 month referred appointment with an audiologist and failed those today.My baby responds to sound, he jabbers all the time and said his first word 'Mama' last week after days of practice, gets startled by TV and shut doors. Has anyone been in a similar position? They will be referring us to an audiologist in a bigger city if he doesn't pass them in 3 weeks.. something about testing brain waves??

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    It might be a fluke and test okay the second time. Or, he might hear some sounds fine and not be able to hear others at all. It's hard to say. Fingers crossed for good results on his follow up visit.
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    I second what Gwenn said. Retesting is a way to go, however, just be mentally ready for any outcome and more testing. It is best to catch things early on so you know which direction you are heading to. Big hugs!
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