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    So. My family is starting to upset me with the various comments they are making regarding my sister's wedding and planning my baby shower. According to them this whole pregnancy thing is just bad timing for them. While, yes, it surely is since my Sister is getting married October 4th and I will be 30 weeks pregnant with twins. It wasn't planned that way, SORRY TO BE an inconvenience.

    I am in the wedding as a bridesmaid. All of the other girls have purchased their dresses, but I do not feel comfortable doing it yet since I have NO idea what size I am going to need by then. So I am trying to put it off as long as possible, thinking August would be plenty of time. They do not agree with that tactic. But If I am paying $150 for a dress, if it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit. I won't be able to get a new one in time and they don't do returns. If you google twin bellies you can get a pretty good idea of how huge I will be, but everyone is unique!

    It's not that they are making very negative comments, its the fact that they can't get it through their thick heads that by that point, I will be huge and tired and will need to be very careful to not put myself into early labor.

    Another thing is they are trying to plan my Bridal Shower for a couple of weeks after the wedding, I will be 33 weeks pregnant with twins. 1. I don't think I will have the energy to put all of the stuff away and organize it. And 2. I want to be prepared for babies WAY before that because you never know when Twins will arrive. While I am grateful that they want to throw me a shower, I just don't think it will be good timing and I would rather not have one. I have already started preparing and by then I intend to be 100% ready. Not waiting on big ticket items that we will need and if we don't get at the shower, we will have to run out and purchase.

    So, I am looking for opinions. How do I approach my Mom and Sister about the wedding and try to explain to them I want to wait on the dress. And I don't want to be tasked with anything that will be too much for me to handle. (She does have a maid of honor that I think will step up to the tasks). And how do I go about explaining that I either don't want a baby shower or I want it to be in like August...

    OR am I being crazy? Reading the stories about twins online and knowing a lot of people who have had twins, they tend to go naturally anytime between 32-37 weeks. It is the reality of my situation, how do I get them to understand that.
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