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Thread: Sorry I haven't been around! Update!

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    Default Sorry I haven't been around! Update!

    Hey everyone, just wanted to post a small update and apologize for not being around. Everything has just been so hectic here! Well, my midwife suggested doing the quad screening blood draw so I agreed, turns out my numbers for neural tube defect came back high so they referred me out to a high risk dr. At that appointment, we talked to a genetic counselor and had two ultrasounds. Turns out everything with the baby is fine and didn't show any signs of ntd but I have to keep seeing the high risk dr for ultrasounds later on to still make sure everything is good. We also found out it's another boy!

    This pregnancy has been very rough on me, I'm still nauseous on and off through out the day and still get sick easily. I've only gained six pounds, really tiny and barely showing. My midwife made the same comments but only will be concerned if the baby isn't thriving, but he seems to be so far so no worries. Still haven't made a decision on a name yet, we've got two first names that we like and no middle name yet ugh. It was so easy with ds#1, not so much with this one. Anyways, hope everyone is doing well! Can't believe I'm already half way through!

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    Sorry you had that scare with the quad screening ... I've heard lots of bad experiences like yours where luckily everything is fine in the end.

    I'm sorry you're still feeling sick at 20 weeks. That's WRONG!

    Other than those things, I'm glad that all is going well.
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    HEY!!! So sorry about the quad screening scare. My cousin had the exact same scare. But baby was healthy and beautiful and she delivered naturally with no meds. Congratulations on another boy! I have two sons and they are the best of friends. I LOVE having two boys. They bring me so much joy and are soooooooo easy. I know Dorcas can share the same sentiment

    Hopefully you'll start to get some relief with the MS. That stinks your still sick. I still get on and off sickness but I think I figured mine out due to slight acid reflux. If I can control acid and gas I feel so much better!

    So glad you gave the update. We are only a day apart DD wise. We may share the same baby birthday. YAY


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    Oh sheesh, I'm so sorry you're still feeling yucky...I agree with Brenda about seeing if an antacid like zantac or prevacid would help. I had some residual sickness that completely resolved when I started Nexium (I have gastritis during pg).

    for being halfway there, woohooo!!!

    Huge congrats on your baby boy ! Praying the u/s continues to be all good news .

    I don't think I'd worry at all about the weight gain...6lbs is fine . I've gained 5lbs so far and I'm almost 19wks (not showing much either)...I expect to do a lot of catching up once I hit my 3rd tri, that's when it seems to hit for me . I'm on the small side pre-pg and even with a weight gain around 20-25lbs I still have good-sized babies.

    It is so great to hear from you !!!!!!
    Dh (39) Me (37) 8bio 1adopted, 14 angels

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