DS is almost 17yrs and has never had nosebleeds...ever. In the last 2 days though he's had 3. He said he starts coughing, his nose starts bleeding, and he gets light-headed. He said it's really hard to get the bleeding to stop (all he had available was his t-shirt and it's completely covered). My 13y/o ds has nosebleeds all the time and always has, but his stop within 10mins and it's not nearly enough to cover an entire shirt.

He's not on any meds, has no health issues, eats well, extremely active, and the only thing that has changed is that he has been working regularly (long hours, outdoors, heavy manual labor).

I'm going to do some googling and if it continues I'll call his pedi.

Any thoughts on this? Anyone else's kiddos suddenly develop nosebleeds?