Despite the fact that Maiya can walk miles, I KNOW that when the baby is here, if he will sit in a stroller (she refused quite often!), she will also BEG to ride with him. I know this for absolute fact, so I'm looking in to some kind of stroller that they can both ride on.

The problem is, she's huge! 43" and 40 lbs. All the sit and stand type strollers I've found have a maximum height of 40" and weight of 40". She's already too big!

Considering that it will probably get the most use next year (I intend to wear him most of the time when he's little) and she'll be even taller and heavier, is there ANY option out there that might work? Double stroller, sit and stand type, even just a large seat with a very high weight limit? Maybe I should just get a wheel chair with a higher weight limit! Or do you think the stroller would be ok even with her over the weight limit?