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Thread: what is the best pregnancy test to use

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    Default what is the best pregnancy test to use

    I am 9 days late and i am testing in the morning at 10 days late what is the best brand of Pregnancy test to use?

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    At 10 days late any test/brand should pick up a negative/positive. First Response or any other pink dye one will be easier to read than a blue dye. A digital would obviously be easiest and should pick up a correct response by 10 days late, also.

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    I only buy pink dye test! No digitals, No blue I think the best are First response!
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    I'd go with the First Response and don't take it apart. It can give false positives once it's taken apart.
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    At 10 days late, (not 10 DPO right?) I would buy the cheapest pink dye test. Which for me is at the dollar store. I know there is a cheap one at wal-mart but I don't know if it's pink or blue dye. I don't mind spending $10 on an Frer at 9-10 DPO for accuracy and sensitivity....but after AF was supposed to be due I just go super cheap! In case of a let down

    Fingers crossed! Sounds promising!
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