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Thread: Habit/potty training

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    Lightbulb Habit/potty training

    Preston is 15 months I know this seems super early for actual potty training but DS1 was fully BM trained on toilet at 17 months and then urine at 23 months. I feel like BM is the easiest body function to train on, for my kids at least, because they develop a pattern on when they go poop

    Preston has started this pattern of BM every morning between 7-9am. I am thinking I might start paying super close attention to him and have him sit on the baby toilet. I will play a game with him or read a book so it is fun and see what happens!

    My DD was also 90% potty trained at 23 months but right when she turned 2 (a week later) she was struck with a horrible disorder that took away all her physical abilities for 4-6 months (abilities came back in stages) so I re-trained her again at 2 yr 6 months and it took a week!

    Fx I can start to get him liking the toilet! Not looking for miracle results, I am realistic, but I enjoy early introduction. My other two have done great with it.
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    Just seeing this post now. My son will be a year in 2 weeks! He always poops within 15 minutes of waking up. I'm considering sitting him (if he'll sit that long) on the potty during that time. Kinda gross but he poops while sitting on my kitchen floor while I wash the coffee pot (in a diaper of course!). So I'm thinking I'd just put a potty there and see what happens. Have you had any success with your son?

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    My son is a little older than the age range for this room, but I wanted to jump in. I started sitting him on the regular toilet with a potty seat just after he turned one. We started sitting him there just while I was running his bath, and then started putting him on there other random times too. He either peed or pooped almost every time. He's 21 months now and still doesn't have the words yet to tell me when he has to use the potty (he's got a speech delay), but he grabs my hand and takes me to it pretty regularly now. He doesn't always actually go, but he likes to sit on it anyways and then flush. He loves to flush at the end, lol. So I'd say its never to early to start at least getting them used to the idea. Best of luck!

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    My daughter will be 14 months next week. I bought her a potty around 1 year and she won't even sit on it for a full minute she's just not ready ... hopefully you'll have better luck!
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