I'm at a really frustrated place with my DD in the potty training area. And I'm trying to decide if its time to force the issue or continue to let it go and chill out. DH and I hate changing her poopy pull ups at this point, it drives us nuts. Here's whats going on:

Peeing is perfect, no problems at all, no accidents, etc.

She went poop on the kiddy potty about 2 times when she was 2, but has never since. We made the mistake of telling her she did this and now she uses it against us, ie. "I already did it twice!" Smarty pants.

When she has to poop she goes by herself, to her room, gets a pull up, puts it on, goes poop, and comes to tell me she's ready to change it. I mean, come on, if she can do all that I know she's ready. She's just scared.

We've bought potty books specifically about pooping. She loves reading, talking about doing it, we've offered rewards, sticker charts, candy, treats, trips to the Disney store, absolutely no bribe in the world is working.

Her almost 2 year old cousin just pooped in the potty and I told her, thinking the competition would help. Nothing.

It is like we are getting backed into a corner here. It feels to me like our only choice at this point is to take the pull ups away cold turkey. The only thing I'm afraid of with that is her witholding her poop completely and getting into a medical emergency situation. She is very stubborn, as you can tell.


We can continue to just leave her alone and let her go at her own pace and do it whenever she does it. I tell my DH we either have to confront it full on or completely ignore it and stop talking to her about it. My mom thinks I should leave her alone.

I'd love feedback from those who've been in similar situations. What did you do? Advice?