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Thread: Weirdest feeling!

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    Default Weirdest feeling!

    Ok. I will try my best to explain it!

    The sensation has happened 4 or 5 times in the past week. If I stand up too quickly, roll in bed too quickly, even feels like someone is poking me from the inside out. Like a big giant finger! It's not babies, they are the size of lemons! It has the sensation equivalent to a 40 week baby's foot or hand. But its right around my belly button, almost feels like an organ or an intestine is protruding out of stomach for a split second then pops back into place. It goes away instantly, doesn't hurt at all just scares the sh!t out of me.

    My theories so far....Maybe it has something to do with 2 anterior placentas? Maybe its a hernia (but wouldn't that hurt?)

    Should I ask the doc next time?

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    I have no experience with a sensation like that, sorry I can't offer any helpful insight or information.

    I would definitely bring it up at your next appointment, though.
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    I would bring it up too. But I get a poking kinda pain above my belly button that would be too high or to hard for this stage of pregnancy to be baby. and I am almost sure its ligaments or muscles pulling

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    My doctor told me yesterday that more than normal cramping is normal because you know you're pregnant with twins but your body doesn't so all the sudden it's being crazy stretched but as long as I'm not feeling cramps on a consistent basis (like every 15 minutes) it's nothing to worry about.

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    It's probably just stretching of the ligaments in the naval area. I have the same sensation. There's also fatty tissue in that area that can protrude around the belly button. I started getting that sensation when my belly button was going to become an outie... lol! And sure enough it's starting to pop out...
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    I get a pokey feeling around my belly button that I've always assumed was from the separation of the abdominal muscles (mine gets pretty big). I was worried about a hernia also, but like you, it wasn't painful. I had my dr feel it and he said he did not feel anything that felt like a hernia to him.

    Anything new, I'd mention to the OB for sure .
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    That's how my hernia during pregnancy was starting. I would bring it up. I was told it was normal. But after delivery I had umbilical hernia which could have gone on its own but I got pg again. Hugs

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