Dd1 who is 3 years old has started to hold up her hand/finger in a gun position and say pew, pew,pew. I am not against the right to bare arms at all!! And I don't want this this to be a debate. My issue is, is that I don't want her pretending to kill me. Because she also said, "pew pew I dead you".

I have a personal problem with this...and huge problem!! I was robbed at gun point 2 days before my 18th bday (almost 20years ago so you'd think I'd be over it by now but I'm not). Dd has done this pew pew pew thing a couple of times now and I have been ignoring it. Do I keep ignoring it? How do I make it stop? I want it to stop bc it brings up bad, horrible memories for me. She has learned this from school. Can I ask the school to not encourage this behavior? I don't like it at all.

However, I am all for people having the right to own guns. And my DH does have guns (Ina locked and finger proof safe). And I'm all for teaching kids about gun safety and gun protection etc....at the appropriate age.