wile mil and fil were watching the kids i get a text from mil that says that dd scraped up her leg, didn't cry when she did it, and didn't cry when it was cleaned up and a bandaid was applied so not sure how she did it.
when i got there (after finishing up my errands.) dd had 2 bandaids side by side, with blood that had seeped into the pad and was visible making it look like a pretty bad scrape. fil stated that she did it on the retaining wall (a place that dh and i have told the kids to stay away from as it looks like the whole wall is about to fall over. we have also told mil and fil to keep the kids away from it)
my theory is poop happens, kids are quick and she probably ran over to the wall and tried to climb it and got in trouble for going to the wall
dh was mad and said that i should stop having his parents watch the kids since they aren't "watching" them anyway.

would you be upset enough to stop having your in-laws watch your kids? i don't really NEED them to watch the kids, i just do it so i can grocery shop and run other errands without the kids, and so that the in-laws can see their grandkids.

and also for the summer there will be 4 more kids there... ranging in age from 6 to 12 would you continue to have them watch your 2 in addition to the 4 they have to watch or would you just take the kids shopping with you and resume dropping them off again once school starts for the others?