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Thread: What is with this cough?

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    Default What is with this cough?

    DD2 has a wet kind of wheezy cough that seems to come and go. She just finished abx for 10 days so I don't think it could be bronchitis (going by the assumption that bronchitis in an infection and an infection would have been taken care of by the abx). The abx was for strep but I think she got some kind of cold virus on top of that. All 3 kids were dx with strep and all developed a runny/stuffy nose thing which lasted a few days while on the meds. No one else ended up with a cough but DD1 has been doing this throat clearing thing that she does a lot this time of the year (I think it's post nasal drip) and DD2 developed this cough. I am thinking it's either caused by post nasal drip as well or maybe a type of asthma? I used to have asthma as a kid. It wasn't bad but I would get wheezy sometimes from seasonal allergies.

    Would you go to the pedi or wait it out? She has no fever or anything else. I am thinking I will let it be until next week. It's just confusing when some days she seems to be coughing more than others. Today is very damp. Yesterday was not. I am wondering if that has something to do with it....
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    when the allergens get bad my ds will be coughing. i put him on claritin and the cough is gone. could this be the case with your kids?
    maybe ask the pedi about trying an allergy med to see if it helps

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