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    When did you start?
    A is 13 months old, I know she's not ready, & I'm not going to pressure her to use the potty, BUT we did buy her one this week. I just want to get her used to the idea. Just see where it all goes. Should I keep the potty in a familiar place? living room (where all her toys are) or bathroom? This seems like a no brainer to me, but currently our bathroom is guarded with a baby gate because it's off the dining room that I haven't quite baby proofed yet (but wouldn't take much to baby proof). WWYD?
    DD 05/14/2013

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    i did that with my kids starting around 12 mos. i put the training potty out (just outside the bathroom door so they had access to it) didn't push it but i showed it to them and had them sit on it bare bottom to get used to it. ds then decided one day just after he turned 2 that he was going to stop wearing diapers and use the potty. he had a few accidents on the first day or 2 but after that it was smooth sailing and he was 'trained'
    dd is in the process of it all, refusing to wear a diaper and using the potty. shes had more accidents that ds did but training her has not been too hard. i am giving her a few more weeks before i will say shes 'trained'

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    I didn't really use a separate potty. The thought of a) having poop/pee in the living spaces skeeved me out as did b) the idea of having to clean a whole another toilet. She was going to a Montessori, and around age 2, her teacher said that she was likely ready to go without diapers. We took her to the toilet frequently, and she was keeping her diaper dry in between. That was pretty much it.

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    With dd1 I took 48 hours route -diapers completely off day and night, putting her on potty ever hour in clock even at night. It worked perfectly well. She was 2.5 y.O.
    Dd2 is almost 2 and refuses either toilet or potty. But she is regular and with poop she has clear signs and even tells at times. So I'm giving her a bit of time and will keep revisiting. I might just use a seat on regular toilet this time.

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    thanks ladies. I DREAD diaper changes because it's kicking and screaming the entire time. We've tried the slip on diapers, which are way more difficult than regular diapers to get on, IMO. I try giving her toys to play with while I change her, but it's still a fight the whole time. That is really what prompted me to buy this potty. She's hit most of her milestones early, so maybe she will surprise us and we can be trained by 2 (ha! I'm not going to hold my breath on that one).
    DD 05/14/2013

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    I would say offer but, no pressure at this point but, we keep Sophia's little toilet by our real one in the bathroom. I don't feel the need to place it elsewhere. She's tried a few times but, for right now we are letting her lead mostly.
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    At this age I wouldnt try but what I did with my oldest when she was little like that was I put the little potty next to the big one and when she would follow me to the bathroom she would sit when I did. She hardly ever went that way but I felt like it served the purpose of introducing it and helped her understand what it was for.

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    With both boys...right at three. They trained in a few days both day and night. Went right to undies and not pullups. I dreaded a long drawn out potty training and I feared if I started too early it would be more frustrating for us all

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    Also we never used a separate potty. Both trained on regular toilets with no potty seat or chair.

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    I started sitting DS on the regular toilet (with a little seat on it), just after he turned one. I started off just sitting him there while his bath was filling up every time, but now its kind of random. He still sits on it at least three times a week, and is 20 months now. We had an issue after a couple of months when he fell off the toilet, trying to get down himself and scared himself in the process. So the next couple of times he was scared of the toilet, so I read him books and brought some toys to play with while he sat there and he was fine after that. He goes either pee or poo almost every time I put him there, and has even asked to sit on it a few times now and then pooped as soon he sat down. He still does not talk at all, so he can't really tell me when he needs to go. I'm not pushing it, but at least I know he's comfortable with it and understands the concept when he is ready. Oh, and I always let him flush afterwords, he thinks its the greatest thing ever to pull the leaver and then he waves bye-bye to the water as it goes away, lol. He also comes in with me sometimes so he can see how its supposed to work and always runs to flush as soon as I stand up, lol.

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