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Thread: Herbal Supplements for conception?

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    Default Herbal Supplements for conception?

    Hello ladies. I was looking on the internet, and I read that you can take herbal supplements to help with ovulation and the production of cervical mucus. Is it true? Or just one of those internet myths? Has anyone used them?

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    I know some women take regular mucinex to help with the CM. I've never tried it though.
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    I've taken Mucinex for the last couple months. It seems to make my mucus more mucus-y, if that makes sense.

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    I started taking a couple new supplements at my acupuncturist reccommendation:

    NAC is supposed to work as a natural insulin sensitizer for anovulatory women.

    Inositone may improve ovulatory function and improve egg & embryo quality.

    Can't say if they really help at this point but they haven't bothered my stomach/system when adding them to my prenatal and the 1500mg of Metformin that I've been taking for awhile. I did have 2 big follicles for this cycle (most I've had so far) after adding these supplements and upping my Letrozole to 5mg - it's probably a combination of the changes.
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    Mucinex is key, in my opinion. Take it once a day through your fertile period and it helps increase the amount of mucous.
    I also take Vitex (I have PCOS) and Inositol.

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