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    I was put on metformin last month for pcos.
    My period was due yesterday. Is it possible that the metformin is causing my period to be late?
    on June 6th i Experienced some clear cm with a streak of blood in it than that night i woke up almost getting sick.
    June 7th Day my period was due I Experienced some more clear Cm with another streak of blood in it
    Today There is only clear egg white cm no streaks or spotting of blood.
    I am thinking of calling the doctor tomorrow to see if i should come in and get my blood drawn to see if i am pregnant or take a home pregnancy test first.
    I am hoping and praying that I am pregnant. I have also lost a total of 18.8 pounds in the last 3 1/2 months,I was at 235 pounds and i am now down to 216.2 pounds

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    Woohoo Congrats on the weight lose that is no small or easy task. I think you should take a test. I have no metformin experience but I don't think that it would cause your period to be late. Good Luck!

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    Ty and I talked to the Doctor over the phone and she said it would not mess with my period and to wait til i am a week late which is next Saturday I am already 2 days late i have some Abdominal Cramps but it they are not ones indicating that my period was coming or starting. I hope and pray that i am pregnant Cause that would be a Great Late fathers day fathers day Gift For my Dad,The reason it would be late is because i would get it confirmed on Tuesday and Get the Results the same day
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    I've been on Metformin for a couple years now and it actually helped regulate my periods. I would just wait it out. It's not unusual for a cycle to go a little longer sometimes.
    Tiffany (33) David (33) STC 7 years. Unexplained infertility. History of Endometriosis, Corrected Septate Uterus & possible PCOS. DH=Exceptional

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    Tonight I am going to buy a 2 pack of the First response pregnancy test as i don't trust blue dye tests. I am going to take one Saturday morning Hopefully it is Positive so i can call the doctors office on Monday and get it confirmed. Than i will go from there
    If it turns out i am pregnant than i will wait til i am in my second trimester to tell anyone.

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    I've been on Metformin, also, and it helped improve my cycle. Good luck!

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    Congrats on the weight loss!
    Laura (33) DH (37) x 4

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