Paige is suppose to go on a field trip tomorrow with her class to the zoo. I am kinda panicking about it though. The zoo is 47 minuets away with the majority of the trip on the thruway. I have never let anyone besides myself or dh drive the kids... I even worry if dh is going to take them some place more then a few miles away. Also she is always in her high backed booster. Tomorrow she will be on a bus speeding down the thruway at 65+ mph and not strapped to anything. Then of course she gets there and is at a zoo in a city with a large group of kids. I am seriously considering promising to take her myself another time and keeping her home. Dh is working out of town and won't be back until Thursday so I can't go on the trip tomorrow, or else I would just do that as parents are allowed to follow the bus. Also there are potential thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow.

So am I being totally crazy for panicking? Should I really let her go?