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    Hi, I'm 21 years old. I'm really confused about pregnancy since I've never really had to worry much. I have read a lot of mixed reviews on if you can conceive anytime during the month v. Only during ovulation. I had unprotected sex with no pulling out starting on May 18th -21. I had my period may 18th thru May 22. The night of the 22nd I had unprotected sex my bf did not pullout. We have been having unprotected sex since that date and he has not pulled out. I typed my dates into an ovulation calculator and it said I ovulate on Jun 16th since I do not have a 28-30 day cycle. My period just comes and goes when it wants. I have a low dull achy feeling on the lower right side of my abdomen. And I feel like a greater sense of smell sometimes throughout today. Is there any possible way I'm pregnant? Thanks for your help ladies!!

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    Yes, it's possible. An online calendar cannot accurately predict when you ovulate, particularly if you have an irregular cycle. If you were not tracking (taking your temperature, monitoring your body's changes, etc) there is no way of knowing what part of the month you may have ovulated. You might be experiencing signs of ovulation, though, and not of pregnancy.
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    I would contact your doctor if you aren't sure what's causing the missed/ irregular periods. You could be pregnant but, you may not be.
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    If you continued to have unprotected sex following your period, you may very possibly be pregnant. Ovulation tends to occur approximately 2 weeks after the start of your period. Not everyone is the same, especially if you have irregular cycles. I would consider taking a home pregnancy test and then follow up with your doctor depending on the result. If you do not want to get pregnant, you need to be responsible and use some form of birth control.

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