I know I've asked before but, its been a year. I am so tired of having so.. many parents at parties. For one adding the parents is expensive
for two the parents of the kids outweigh the kid ratio. Cody doesn't want many people at the party. I can totally respect that. He wants
the grandparents there which I understand but, he wants more cousins than everything. He enjoys the neighborhood boys (group of 3 so far)
but, he doesn't want them at his party. He just wants Sophia, three of his local cousins, and two friends so that makes 7 kids then James and I.
Then his grandparents. Last year we had a get together with my Dad and Step mom separately because he had a Build-A-Bear party. James'
mom and dad came because they had one of Cody's cousins for the summer and brought her. All of these kids except for Sophia and
1 cousins are between the ages of 6-10 the one ten year old is a different cousin.

To make more sense Cody age 6, Sophia age 2.5 L, age 3, D age 7, M age 5, S, age 10, O age 7. The party is going to be at a bowling alley. The only two kids that might need assistance would be Sophia and L. The rest with how small the bowling balls are they can probably have verbal instructions if needed. If you don't want to spend the money on the parents could I say "Kids are Free" on the invite? So they know they don't have to pay for their kid's game? That way if the parents want to come they do but, we don't pay for them? WWYD?