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Thread: My official due date! :-)

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    Default My official due date! :-)

    Met with my ob/gyn to have my pap & find out all of my results: bloodwork, great; all negatives where negatives need to be; found out once again that I'm AB+ ...and, oh yeah: the official estimate due date: Jan 8th. That baby implanted fast! I'm 9 weeks tomorrow!

    And, here's something interesting: I learned about Maternit21, the blood test that can be done as early as 10 weeks & via the mother's blood, it checks for chromosomal abnormalities...and get this: the gender! Part of me would love to know as soon as possible (mostly, to prepare Evelia as she refuses to even fathom a sister!), but I'm also leaning toward waiting until the 18-week u/ know, the big surprise. I declined all of the other genetic tests, but this blood test might be interesting to have done...just for peace of mind, I suppose. Next appt is July 1st, so I won't know anything until mid-July, anyway. Hopefully this perpetual yukky-gaggy-exhaustion-headache will have subsided by then... Ha!

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    Wishing all lots of and !

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    Yay for a great appointment!!! It amazes me that you could find out so early!! How exciting!

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    Congratulations! I wish Iknew about this test earlier - here in China they don't do it but can be done in hk. I just wanted to know the gender earlier. My quad was negative but either way it would no change anything about having the baby.

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    I had the Harmony test done (same thing, different brand) and I had to pay $750 out of pocket for it. I would have still done it, but it would have been nice to know it was going to cost THAT much. Part of my issue was that I hadn't met my deductible yet, but still it's a pretty expensive test. I would encourage you to call your insurance company and get the details hashed out ahead of time. I'm still not 100% certain that mine was processed correctly, but I don't even feel like having that argument and frankly, it pretty much pushed me to meet my deductible so I'm cool with it.
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