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Thread: Quad screen?

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    Default Quad screen?

    At my last appointment my doctor mentioned that I needed to think about if I wanted to do the quad screen. She was recommending it because of this being a multiples pregnancy. I'm not sure I want to do it or not. FYI I'm 26 and DH is 34 because I know age is a factor. What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

    Also just want to throw in if I did do it and the final outcome was negative we would not terminate. We would just use the info to "prepare" (if at all possible)

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    Wow its totally up to you guys. I would read up on false positives just so you are aware. My cousin has one and worried her whole pregnancy of downs. Baby was born healthy. She wished she did not rob herself of a happy pregnancy. But I know many women that find peace over the screening too. Its a very personal decision.

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    I had a friend with a false positive for downs, also and she found a bunch of friends with the same experience. I have never done one and wouldn't if the opportunity arose again. I think Brenda makes a great point about her cousin feeling robbed of a happy pregnancy.

    From my vantage point I decided that if I wouldn't terminate due to a test result (which I wouldn't) why should/would I spend the money on the test? That has always been my rule of thumb. Even if you have a child born with downs, you have time to prepare for that life after the fact because a downs baby (from my limited experience) isn't any different than a baby without downs. I believe it's later, as they are developing, that the challenges come into play.
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    I have never had any genetic screening done until this pg and only because of several "risk factors". I also went into it with the mentality that the numbers meant nothing, but the need for further testing if they came back showing we were at an increased risk for trisomies. We also didn't have to pay for it since insurance covered it 100% and that was a big factor too. We could have done the MaterniT21 testing which has conclusive positive results because it is actually testing baby's chromosomes for abnormalities, but it would cost $200 so we decided if the genetic screening results showed an elevated risk we'd do the M21. Our screening was normal though which we expected .

    Our intentions would never be to terminate, but I would want to know with as little invasive/costly testing as possible if baby were facing issues that:
    1. May not be compatible with life (some of the trisomies aren't)
    2. Will impact our entire family (I have 11 people to prepare for it including myself)
    3. Will require surgeries immediately after birth or an extended hospital stay (if the screenings show an elevated risk they will do more intensive investigation and look more closely at specific areas of baby's organs rather than the general anatomy scan as well as do more frequent scans to make sure nothing shows up)
    4. Will need other consults/referrals set up so it's not an "emergency" situation where my baby is unexpectedly whisked away from me (I realize this may happen anyway because not everything is foreseeable, but I would want to be prepared if possible)
    5. To prepare my home/life, if needed, for specialized medical equipment/monitoring/care while pg and not trying to scramble for it pp with a newborn who may be having trouble with sleeping, feedings, etc...

    Anyway, those are a few things I thought of that were important to me. Like I said, I have never had the testing before, but then again, I had some new info to consider this time and opted for it.

    You may also want to look into the percentage of twin pregnancies that give a high risk result, but babies are healthy ("false-positive")...I remember reading somewhere the quad-screening is less accurate for multiples, but I'm not sure.

    Thinking of you! Whatever decision you make will be the right one for you !!
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    The test was offered to me and I declined. I wouldn't love my baby any less ☺️

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    I did with all 3 pregnancies. As you said and Kelly pointed out - it is more about awareness and being prepared, making research and arrangements. With first dd I was 29 and it was my 2nd pregnancy. With 2nd I was 33 and I am 35 now (though somehow hospital put me at 34 hence I wasn't even offered to have amnio which they offer to all women 35 and above).
    It is your right and choice whether to do it or not. So whatever you decide you should be totally comfortable with.

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