I thought we could use a space to talk about good things going on--we have one for complaints and while that's important, talking about happy things makes us happy.

So feel free to share something good going or something unexpected!

When I went to the doctor yesterday, I had to see the nurse practitioner and not one of my midwives. It was the only way I could be seen right away and I figured that was better than waiting. Anyway, she was really great trying to determine what was wrong with me. At the end of the appt she was talking about the GBS test and how since I'm almost 36 weeks they could do it--the OBs do it at 35 weeks--but she thought we should wait until next week when I can see my MW again. She said that since I'm wanting natural childbirth and the GBS test is only good for 4 weeks, it would better to wait in case I go over 40 weeks so it doesn't have to be repeated. She also gave me the option of waiting on my cervix check until next week, because 1) wasn't feeling good and 2) less poking around is better.

I didn't really appreciate this until today, but she really could have tried to force the OBs rules on me since I was on "their" side for my visit. Instead she recognized and honored my medical care wishes and treated me accordingly.