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    Caden's first birthday party will be at the end of July at a park. We are inviting about 25 kids, all cousins mostly, ranging in age from about 5-10. A few younger than that. I was wondering what kind of activities you've seen at birthday parties that your kids have really enjoyed. I was going to do a bounce house but after seeing more than one bounce house flying away with kids inside it on the news, I am no longer comfortable with having one.

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    Pin the tail on the whatever-you-choose, bucket toss games, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, water balloons, relay races. I know some of those are activities rather than games, but they will all keep the kiddos busy!

    ~ Cassie, mama to Madison (8), Ali (4) & Wesley (new dude!)

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    my sil plays a variation of hot potato. she wraps a small trinket or candy bar, puts another one on that and wraps them both, then adds another and wraps it again. she does a prize and a layer of wrapping for each child that will be at the party. (so in your case she would have like 26-27 layers just in case someone were to bring a friend unexpectedly) she plays music while the kids pass this ball of wrapped prizes around the circle, when the music stops that child unwraps a layer, takes the prize and is out. this continues till every child has had a chance to unwrap a prize. (to make it quicker you could do 3-5 seconds of music or make multiple layered balls to pass around)
    i have seen 2 yr olds (with parental help) and older enjoy this game

    red light green light, limbo, burlap sac races

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    Will there be a playground at the park? If so, I would just let the kids have free play and maybe plan one or two group games (freeze tag, couple tag, etc) as a backup.

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