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Thread: Silent Reflux... what can I do?

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    Question Silent Reflux... what can I do?

    I don't want to jump into medications. I will if we have to. I don't want her to be in pain. But at the same time is there something more gentle we can do? I am changing my diet... no dairy wheat or soy... meh. What else can we do?
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    Cody had a late diagnoses at age 4. I wish we knew about it as a baby it would have save us many trips to the doctor to figure out the vomiting and spit up as an infant. Right now for us we go with the medicine because it works for Cody. I am not for sure what can help if its an all the time thing without medicine eat her age. With Cody we never allow our kids in general to drink soda but, that wouldn't apply to you now and he has sort of a bland diet by his choice,I offer him a variety of foods but, he doesn't eat everything I put on his plate. I know medicines aren't usually what someone wants to do but, I encourage it from past experience. I feel so bad I didn't realize he had it until later. It would have saved him
    the vomiting if we pursued asking about it sooner. I hope others will chime in with remedies that's safe for a baby. You could always try it
    and see the results. Cody doesn't have any side affects with the generic Zantac.
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    Boden was projectile vomiting at3 weeks old. I pumped.....and we ended up using organic rice cereal in his bottles (something I was adamantly against in the past)....but we did it to avoid meds.

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    I EP'd, but at around 4 months the doctor had us put a tiny bit of rice cereal (like 1tsp in 8oz of bm), in his bottles to help with reflux. That tiny bit made a huge difference and he never needed any meds. Hang in there, and good luck!

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    Dd2 had a reflux and I wore most of her nap time. I also used camillia drops which helped a lot with colic and reflux and later with teething. However every child us different. If you want to go more natural I suggest you do a research on some herbal and safe for infants treatment. Hugs

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    diet change is HUGE so that is great! I know when I first tried to cut out foods that there were hidden sources that I didn't realize I was still ingesting the foods I was trying to eliminate. In fact, three years later I have learned two sources this year alone that I didn't realize had hidden gluten.

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    i had two babes with reflux. are you strictly nursing? or using bottles? could it be behavioral colic or do yo think it's related to food for sure? We did regular chiropractic care until the reflux got better(but both girls do still have it, one is now 3 and one is 1). My 3 year old was on meds, first zantac, then prevacid in conjunction with cereal in her bottle. She actually had a upper GI test done to confirm and basically everything that went in was coming back up(I watched it myself on the xray)...almost immediately.

    my baby also had it, we tried zantac for 30 days and there was zero improvement so we stopped meds and just toughed it out with her.

    One of the biggest helps was keeping the girls elevated for at LEAST 15 minutes after they eat, the longer the better. I also elevated the crib mattress which also seemed to help(until they started wiggling and moving).

    If you have not tried swaddling nice and snug, i'd try that. Also a white noise machine or a small fan that makes white noise. and this...

    i would also do probiotics...mine all still get them

    also are you a big producer of milk? if you are, maybe she's getting too much foremilk? try taking probiotics yourself...that can sometimes help with that I have been told.

    anyway, i am not sure if that will be much help...but i hope things get better for you really really soon!

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