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Thread: Kayla is 1 month... so not really ttc yet but...

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    Question Kayla is 1 month... so not really ttc yet but...

    We want to wait at least 5 more months. But I do not want BC since it was so hard to get pg the first time. Anyhow... Kayla is only 5 weeks and we are breast feeding however I had O pains the last 2 days! No mistaking that pain after not feeling it for so long. We have not dtd because of having to wait the 6 weeks after birth anyway... thank goodness. I mean after having to wait so long but wanting to wait to get pg again... I have no doubt that because I want to wait we would be pg just like that. lol Anyhow... I know condoms would be the best... but to be honest that will not happen. I kinda just want to time and chart and see what is happening. I guess we would be npp... but not ttc until Novemberish. We will see how I feel. DH wants to knock me up right away. lol Now he has baby fever. And really wants a son. PG was so hard on me. so as soon as I feel up to it is when we will be officially trying. Until then, kinda hi I guess... Oh and could I really be Oing this soon?
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