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    Hi - I got my IUD out last Tuesday so almost a week ago. I had very little spotting or cramping. The next day I starting what looked like a period. I had cramps the first two days like I usually do and it lasted my usual 4-5 days. Was it my period?? My doctor said I should wait 1-2 months to conceive but he said that's his personal opinion and there is no evidence that if I were to TTC earlier anything may be wrong. So... Do you think this bleeding was my period? If so, should I still wait for another month or watch for O signs this month and TTC? I realize these are personal opinion but I was just curious. Thanks!!

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    Sounds exactly like my experience. I had a period-type bleeding episode right away and then nothing until I expected the next cycle to start. So my guess is that it's normal!

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    I haven't had one, but I've heard of others having hormonal withdrawal bleeding. It might be that. !!!!

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    I had a normal cycle that started the day after I had my IUD removed, and my doctor said everything was fine to start right away. Good Luck!!!
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