Maiya is currently in preschool for 3 half days- 9 - 12:30.

In order to prepare her for kindergarten, I was planning on upping her attendance in September, to coincide with the school year. I was going to up her to 4 half days, until about April of next year, when I was going to do 5 half days. They have later options (until 3, or until 6), and she tells me she really wants to stay later with her friends, but the kindergarten she will likely go to is only a half day, so I didn't think it was a good idea to put her in full time now, then half time for kindergarten, then full time again for 1st.

However... I then ended up pregnant, and due 9/21! I don't want to put her through too many changes at once, so don't want to up her school schedule at the same time the baby is born, so I will likely start her on her increased schedule in July.

But now I'm torn... I've kept her hours down not because she's not ready for or enjoying school, but because we do SO MUCH together. I like having full days to do things with her, and some afternoons. But with a newborn, we likely won't be doing as much, and I think she may actually get more out of being in school more- possibly even full time. But when the baby is older, like 6 months or so (so, March) I can imagine we'll start doing a lot of activities together again, and that if she were in full time, I would regret it and miss her a lot. Not to mention the huge extra cost of all that extra time! But, I can't put her in full time for just a few months, and then reduce, and then put her in full time again for kindergarten prep, then reduce when she goes to kindergarten, and then increase again for 1st! I can't imagine that's good for her, either.

So what would you do? When I increase her hours in July, what hours would you pick? Full time (5 days a week, 9 - 3), just so she has more to do while I'm home with a baby attached to my boob, and just miss out on her last year before "real" school? Or some kind of in between- maybe 4 half days (9 - 12:30), or even 5 half days? Or even 3 full days, 9 - 3? 4 full days?? What would be the best in between, so she's not stuck home bored with the newborn, but we don't miss out on our last year before kindergarten?

I know I said I didn't think full days were good, because of the decrease for kindergarten, but she does WANT to stay late, and I just see afternoons being so boring for the first few months with a newbie... WWYD?