Kettle corn (popcorn) to your 2, 3, 4 or 5 year old?

From what I've read, popcorn is a huge, huge, huge choking hazard!! I have a big problem with dd, who is 3 years old, eating it. I just can't see how one teacher can watch 14 kids eat popcorn to make sure they're not choking. Choking is a silent thing so if one kid is truely choking and the teach is grabbing some water or something for another child how in the world do they see this as ok?

Before dd started at this daycare center another mom complained to the state or something about them serving hotdogs and they stopped serving hotdogs. Who do I complain to to get them to stop serving popcorn.....even worse, surgery coated kettle corn!!

The menu for dds school is usually pretty good and I'm super happy with it but this week it's AWFUL!!!! Pasta 2 days in a row (one of which is Mac & cheese), lunch meat with chips and then kettle corn for pm snack, grilled cheese and then s'mores cookies for pm snack. Ugh, I pretty sure I will pick her up prior to the pm snack of kettle corn!! And also for the s'mores cookies!