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Thread: Anyone dealt with left over cysts?

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    Default Anyone dealt with left over cysts?

    So I went in for my baseline ultrasound this morning and I have 2 cysts, pretty large ones too, one on each side. So good news I guess this means I did ovulate my two bigger follies....which FF and my 'O' pains told me I did right on IUI day (WHY didn't it work grrrrr). Bad news, now I have to sit out this cycle....and I was really hoping to do back to back cycles.

    They still insisted on taking an HCG I am on day two and in no doubt , but whatever it is just my arm and money, grrrr again.

    They did not put me on anything, just told me to call on day 1 on my next cycle and we will hope they are gone.

    I don't think I have ever had cysts before, but we have also never tried to do back to back cycles so I guess I wouldn't know for sure.

    Any thoughts on why I would get cysts all of a sudden? Are they usually gone by your next cycle?

    I am pretty bummed....I really wanted to get this last try behind me, I am not one for anticipation...especially when it may not have a happy ending LOL.

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    I'm so sorry you have to skip this cycle!

    I've dealt with cysts like that. In 14 IUIs, I think I only had... 3? cysts. So they are not common for me, either. My doctors also did nothing, except for the really big one that lasted a few cycles. Then they put me on BC for a month, and it went away. Then we tried again! The other two were gone on their own the next cycle.

    I'm also so sorry the last one failed! Nothing is as frustrating as unexplained failure like that. I will second your "grr!!!"s.

    I hope your next one works!!

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    I had them after my 1st time using injectibles with an IUI. It was really frustrating because I wanted to do back to back cycles too. They went away for me by the next cycle. It can be frustrating when you are ready to go and your body doesn't cooperate.

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    WOW so exiting seeing you trying again. Sorry you had to skip this cycle.
    Mariah (35) and DH (40) BFP 8/12/13! Baby Kayla is here! Praying for all the APA girls .

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    ...I'm so sorry about your last cycle ! That is just so frustrating when follies, timing, everything just seems right and it doesn't work !! And to follow it up with cyst, ugh ...insult to injury!!!

    I have had a cyst and went on ruptured after 2wks though which was seriously painful, but at least I got to move on with my next cycle. I stopped the bcp and af showed within a few days .

    Age could be a factor, maybe ...from my understanding, we become more prone to them as we approach our mid-30s and moreso as we approach 40, even with natural cycles. I had a cyst rupture on a natural cycle too the same year and I had never had them before.

    Really really really hoping and praying this ends in happily ever after for you !!!!!!

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    Thanks ladies....I really appreciate you all so much.

    ~*~Katrina~*~ Momma to Xander, Hayden & Lily (6) and Jericho (3 1/2)

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    I had cysts twice when I did injectables plus IUI. I also had to sit out a cycle each time. The good news? After sitting out a month I got pregnant the following cycle. Hopefully it works that way for you too!
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