So I went in for my baseline ultrasound this morning and I have 2 cysts, pretty large ones too, one on each side. So good news I guess this means I did ovulate my two bigger follies....which FF and my 'O' pains told me I did right on IUI day (WHY didn't it work grrrrr). Bad news, now I have to sit out this cycle....and I was really hoping to do back to back cycles.

They still insisted on taking an HCG I am on day two and in no doubt , but whatever it is just my arm and money, grrrr again.

They did not put me on anything, just told me to call on day 1 on my next cycle and we will hope they are gone.

I don't think I have ever had cysts before, but we have also never tried to do back to back cycles so I guess I wouldn't know for sure.

Any thoughts on why I would get cysts all of a sudden? Are they usually gone by your next cycle?

I am pretty bummed....I really wanted to get this last try behind me, I am not one for anticipation...especially when it may not have a happy ending LOL.