Today when I was shopping, I suddenly became dizzy, lightheaded and my heart was racing. I just sat down against a case of deli meat and tried to relax but it wasn't working. A really nice manager at the store found me and bright me a chair and offered me a candy bar (I had eaten right before gong in, so i knew it wasn't low blood sugar). I sat there for awhile and eventually felt normal again.

I did the rest of my shopping super slowly, it took like 2 hours lol. I started feeling kinda of again driving home. I put the perishables away and left the rest on the counter and laid down for an hour. I felt better again so I made lunch and put the rest of the food away. But after being up only 20 mins, I noticed some mild hand and feet swelling so I got back in bed.

When my dh got home we went for a bp check and it was 140/80! My bp last week was 90/60, so big difference. I was feeling off a little just riding in the car there and back.

I talked to the midwife on call and she said to rest, hydrate and eat regularly. To recheck bp in the morning and to watch out for severe headache, right side pain and something else I don't remember now.

Laying down is the only time I feel ok right now.

My dh is being super sweet and he said he was beginning to wonder when he'd have to take card of me, things had been so easy so far. He's not letting me get out of bed except to pee.

Here's to hoping my bp is better in the morning!