I know it varies greatly by region. We live near Philly in a fairly expensive part of the country. I'd ask my friends, but it seems that it's not something that is really discussed (money and finances). My boss is asking me to work full-time for 3 weeks in July while someone is out for surgery. (I work from home now about 20-30 hours and I just asked to cut back). Right now I work during naps and late at night since my work is flexible, or I try to work when MIL visits. As it is 20-30 hours is too much. My house is falling apart, and I get 4 hours of sleep each night. There is no way I could work full-time without a babysitter, but after taxes are taken out, the babysitter might be making more than me! If she offers to pay for a babysitter, then I may consider it (though I really don't want to work 40 hours/week, esp during my son's last summer before kinder!)

So, if you could give me a range of what a babysitter would cost for boys, I'd appreciate it!