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Thread: Getting baby to take bottle

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    Default Getting baby to take bottle

    Any help here? 4 months old...keep trying , offering, different positions, different bottles/nipples/sippy cups. Nothing is working.

    The baby just doesn't know how to latch into the bottle and then gets frustrated.

    This is new--she took a bottle a few times around 2-3 months. Now she can't figure it out.

    What to do ?!? We are desperate

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    ds only liked the breast flow bottle system by the first years... its similar to a boob. have you tried that one?
    just be patient and keep trying. offer the bottle before she gets upset about being hungry. have different people try.

    hang in there. some babies will always refuse a bottle. my dd never took one. sometime after she was 6 mos old she would take water in a sippy cup.

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