so my friend H just asked me if its possible to get pg while on the pill. i told her that its possible so she asked what the chances are that she could be pregnant.
1. she gets pg easily... like all shes gotta do is think get pregnant and ask for sex and shes pregnant
2. she missed 2 pills in a row and it caused some between period spotting
3. she had sex the day before the first missed pill
4. she didn't have sex for 5 days after the missed pills.
5. af is not due till sunday but shes got tender breasts, cramping, round ligament pain, nausea after eating (which is how she was when pg with her son)
6. she is on loestrin fe. (1/20) or something similar

so what do you ladies think? is it possible that her symptoms are from worrying about a possible pregnancy and af on the way or could she be pg and need to start planning for a 3rd child?

thanks in advance