Several months ago someone my DH works with gave us several bags of baby clothes, accessories and a bucket seat with base (he confirmed it wasn't damaged or in any accident and the expiry date is 2018, so all good there). I made sure they got a prompt thank you card.

I would consider this person to be a work acquaintance not even a work friend or a "real" friend--I met him and his wife once when we happened to run into them at a restaurant (we live in a really small town). We've never seen them otherwise and my DH doesn't really ever mention the guy, they work in different departments and the guy is actually higher on the chain than him so socializing would be sort of awkward.

My question is this: do you think they gave us this stuff with no expectation of getting it back or should I leave the possibility open that they might want it back? The car seat I can understand, as long as it's still in good shape we could easily hand that back.

I could easily mark the tag of each piece they gave us so I can identify it later. I feel like since we don't really know them, they were being nice and doing something I would do and helping out someone that needed it.