I am basically a sahm, although I do work from home very part time. DH is an adjunct prof and has the summers off from teaching. A few weeks ago I explained that since he will be home more I would like to be able to count on him to handle the kids at certain times so I can get things done more easily. This has been an issue for us in the past so I wanted to mention it before break started.

This week is one of those weeks where I need someone to handle the kids (and not even all three at one time!) for a couple hours each day. I am doing end of the year volunteer stuff at my girls' schools, so it's not like I'm having two hour social lunches or anything g. DH got upset last night because I was "planning his schedule for him" when he needs to get things done too. This just happens to be a crazy week, being t he last week of school, and then things will slow down. I explained that but apparently 2 hours a day to watch one or two kids is asking too much.

I want to say that DH loves the kids oodles, of course, but he tends to have tunnel vision when it comes to competing work he wants to do. There is no doing little, take a break, come back to it later. It's all or nothing. That's our problem. I can't seem to get him to see my side...that at all I do pretty much is kid stuff and now that he is home, I would like to do a few things without them in tow. Even though the stuff I need to do this week is FOR the kids!!

I guess what I am wondering is if there is another way to approach this so we don't end u p in an argument about my time vs. his time. Do other men have a hard time putting aside what they want to do to help with the kids? (For the record its not like he is playing video games all day, he has a bunch of fix it projects do around the house which do need to get done, but nothing is truly urgent.) I am tired of having the same issue pop up.