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    Hi there! I think this is my first post here ever!
    DH decided he wants to have another baby (complete shock for me). We have talked about it since our youngest was born and we decided in January of this year that we were done so I got an IUD inserted then. Well, I guess, we are not done!
    If you have had kids after IUD - how long did it take you to get pregnant and did you have to wait to TTC?

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    I had 2 consecutive Mirenas (total of 7 years) prior to ttc. I had mine taken out in Dec 2012, and started ttc (in earnest) in Feb 2013. We were technically ttc in Jan, but I had no idea what exactly it takes to get pg -- have sex and get pg, right? LOL! We got our bfp in Oct 2013, so it took some tries to get it right.

    I would give yourself one cycle to regulate before trying, but I've heard of ladies getting pg right away.

    I hope your stay in ttc is short and sweet!! There are some great ladies in here!

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    I had my Merena put in after my son was born in January 2010 and just had it taken out this last February. It did take a couple months for AF to regulate, but it seems to be fine now. We just really started TTC, but it doesn't seem to be affecting my cycles badly.

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