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    I was not going to tell ANYONE about this, until it was darker tomorrow (since on my last two tries I had squinters on 9DPO that ended up just being left over trigger and they were gone the next day) but I got another squinter this morning. At first I just tossed it and told myself I was not going to get too excited this time....even though Jericho's pregnancy was revealed with a 9DPO + like I said my last two squinters ended up not being the real deal. So when I got this I really tried to put it out of my mind...didn't even tell DH. But now I am sitting here driving myself nuts. I wish I could go to bed so I can just sleep until I can POAS in the morning, but I can't. So I came here to sort of vent. I SWEAR if this test is not darker tomorrow I will cry. I did get a clear - on a $ store cheapie this morning with the same urine, but the FRER is showing a faint faint, got to tilt your screen back and forth faint line. Thanks for letting me vent my crazy LOL.
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