I went to my first homeschool conference this weekend. It was fantastic! One workshop was about helping children be engaged in learning. The speaker shared this analogy about kids, and I thought it was great for moms in general, so decided to share here! She had a stuffed toy dog with her on stage that had the huge paws that puppies (especially large breeds) tend to have.

Puppy Paws- the traits in our kids we find awkward or annoying will become valuable parts of their personality later. No one makes fun or tries to train out the awkward size of a puppy's paws. We cherish them knowing the puppy will grow into them nicely. Do the same with your kids.- Diane Waring
I know there are personality quirks or traits about my kids that drive me bonkers some days (or sometimes EVERY day). But I thought this was a neat way to look at it. From now on I will be calling those quirks "puppy paws".