That Cody is such a disturbance to his Kindergarten class yet, the teacher had him butted up to chalkboard yesterday no wonder he was talking to himself and playing. Cody said it was just yesterday but, you know kids they might not remember everything. The also funny thing I just find amazing is Cody has all A's across the board and +'s for all grades. Hmm... yeah he was such... a problem. I let him play hooky today for his last day he never misses school and he got a perfect attendance free meal at a local restaurant. . The news is for First Grade he'll have a teacher that he has visited before and he thinks she is nicer than his old teacher. I am not making a habit of the hooky just an FYI but, it was Kindergarten and his whole week was consisted of him being yelled at by the teacher for defending himself. A girl keep touching him and he was pushing her arm away because he doesn't like to be touched or bothered. Cody is a loving fellow but, he doesn't like a lot of hugs other than from family and even that is limited which I totally understand. I am not implying Cody is an all the time behaved kid I know better than that but, getting notes saying he was misbehaving yet, his school work supports evidence he was not playing around all day just tells me that this teacher in particular and Cody did not mess. I am going to fulfill Cody's private evaluation for my own support from a therapist so I can have tools if needed but, unless he comes home with D's. I think the school will laugh at me at this point. I know they have to
go with it if I want it but, I am feeling more confident that Cody does understand his work and its possible that he was bored.