ast April 23, 2014 was my first day of menstruation. On April 28, about night time, I was with my boyfriend and we were in the back of his car making out. We didn't have sex as I was afraid of getting pregnant. So I was masturbating him and gave him an oral until he ejaculated. But since we were in his car, he used his hands to cover the possible mess. I can't remember correctly which hand he used to cover his penis and if he dried off his hands. After that, it was his turn to make me cum using his fingers.

I am now on my 30th day of menstrual cycle. I still don't have my menstruation. I am very regular and my usual cycle lasts 26-29 days. I don't feel my breasts getting tender.I'm really worried and searched it up online. They mentioned something about changes in weather, vacation, stress etc can be possible causes of delay. I can from Asia and traveled to the Americas last May 2. I've been sleeping a lot since then due to change in time zone. I'm really worried and being paranoid. Could I be pregnant? Can someone get pregnant from inserting his fingers into one's vagina after ejaculating? Please help! I'm panicking already cause my the delay in menstruation.