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Thread: Kids and an indoor only cat WWYD

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    Default Kids and an indoor only cat WWYD

    We are moving to a new house! We will likely be moving and settling in this weekend.

    However, I'm torn. It's a very compact house, so there is not a lot of "free" space. Therefore, our indoor only cat has no "unused" corner for her litter box, as we're used to. I don't want it in any bedroom, bathroom, dinning room, or the kitchen. That really only leaves the playroom and living room. And I don't want it in either of those either!!

    So, obviously I'm going to have to put it somewhere I don't want it. But I need help. Where would you all put something as gross as the litter box?

    (Very, very inaccurate, and very, very, very not to scale!)

    I mean, I can't stand the thought of it in the playroom where the kids will be. The "office" is just a corner of the playroom, and I don't think we'll be able to shove it in there (it's really only a desk in the corner). The living room is an option, but we'll be hanging out there, too, including the kids. But... well, what would you do? Where would you put it? If you have a litter box and kids, and no "free" corner, where is yours? Of course, Maiya knows to leave it alone, and I'll teach the new one to, too, but it just bothers me that they're playing right there next to where she goes, ya know?

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    I have the same problem. Mine is in the bathroom. I figure that is where I poop so the cat can poop there, too. I would not put it in the living room or playroom. Our bathroom has a ridiculously large space between the toilet and the counter, though, so it fits easily.

    In our old house, it was in the laundry room, but our laundry room here is just an extension of the hallway off the kitchen. There is no corner there.
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    I would do the bathroom. I wouldn't want it in any room where food is being prepared or where you would spend an extended amount of time in.

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    I know a lot of people do the bathroom, but both of these have showers. I'm allergic to my own cat, and I hate the idea of getting out of the shower all clean, just to be surrounded by a litter box! Plus, they are both pretty small bathrooms (one is REALLY small). I'm not even sure I'll be able to fit it in... I may end up doing it, if I can, though, for lack of anywhere better!

    Thank you for the input.
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    Do you have an attached garage? could you put a cat door to the garage and put the litter box out there?

    I would say bathroom also. Its pretty gross anywhere you keep it near a living area, imo. My son has the litter box in his bedroom, which i hate also. But we have a church event here every week and without fail some small person got into the cat box, or poured water in, dumped the cats food in it, etc. i tried putting it up on the ledge while people were here but i'd forget to put it down. the litter box is definitely a sacrifice made for having a cat.

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    Is there a door to the storage/garbage area? Could you put a kitty door in it and put the litter box there?

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    We have ours in the closet in our office (which needs to be turned into Laney's room -- we're waiting to do that, though, because of the litter box, and my cat's really old, so we don't think there will be much time left for him. ). We installed a kitty door in the door of the closet so the kids can't get into it. Could you do something like that?

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    We have ours in the office too. We actually have two cats. I have a self cleaning litter box and it's super easy to keep clean- it never smells.

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    When we had a 1100 sqf house we put it in the laundry room with a small cat door. Could you sacrifice part of the under bathroom sink cabinet and put it in the cabinet and add a cat door? That or the cabinet next to the garbage was our next option other then the laundry room.

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    Closets and bathrooms are the only viable options, IMO. Is it possible for you to put up some shelving, and put it in a high place? I have friends that do, to keep their dogs from munching on Kitty Roca.

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    Since you don't want it in the bathroom, I'd put it maybe in the corner of the office by the bathroom. I'd be leary of putting it somewhere too out of sight so it isn't neglected. I know a lot of cats will start peeing on the floor if their box isn't kept super clean. Or if you can make a kitty door option work out.

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    Can you put it in the shower? Especially if one is just a shower stall? I have two baths and really we only shower and bathe in one of them. I don't want to clean two showers/tubs.

    I don't have a cat but a dog litter box and have had mine in the living room. Not ideal. I have always had it in the kitchen/dining, again really not ideal. Now it's in the laundry room which is much better. But a dog you have to pick up right away after they go and the pee spot gets changed out often as well.

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    or somthing similar? i got this of pinterest. there is a ton of ideas and diy's for hiding a litterbox on there.

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    Oh, you all have some excellent ideas, thank you!

    There are not many closests in this house. Other than the bedrooms, there is ONE, the linen closet (marked on the floor plan). I would have to take a closer look to see if I could use it as a kitty bathroom, and not get all our linen dirty. Blah.

    The cabinet in the bathroom sink is a good idea, I'll have to look closer at that one when I get the keys! As is buying or building her her own little area on shelves, as long as, as you said, it's not so far out of the way that it is neglected. Ew! The storage area does have a door, but it's a converted garage (so no, no attached garage, it did, but it was converted), so it has a large garage door to the outside. I'm not sure how much we would use that, but if we do, I don't want to risk her getting out. I'll have to look in to that option, too. Unfortunately, we will be using both showers. The one by the bedrooms will wake the kids if they're asleep, so while we'll use the bath in that room for the kids, us adults will be taking many night time / early morning showers in the other bathroom.

    Bridget, can you link me to the kind of self cleaning box you have? I've looked at many, but I've never found a really good sounding one. That might be worth looking in to!

    I've even thought about putting something like an enclosed planter box outside of one window (one that opens to the side of the house and won't be used for anything else, really) and some kind of cat door type thing in the window and letting her use that! She'd get some fresh air and the litter box would be outside! I just don't know if that'd be feasible...

    Runningmom, you are so right. It is a sacrifice!

    And MLA, hugs for your kitty.

    Thank you all so much for the ideas! We should get the keys tomorrow, and it's one of the first things I need to really figure out.

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    both look like kitty would love the chance to be "outside" especially the second one!

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    We keep ours next to our kitchen trash. And we scoop it very often so we don't have to worry about pee or poop just chillin out in the kitchen. It's also a covered box. They make a cat box shaped like an igloo where the cat has to take small steps inside before they get to the litter. This makes it hard for little hands to reach in and grab the free tootsie rolls out. LOL
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    Kitty roca :rollinginthefloorlaughing:

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    We have ours in the laundry room but, we don't fold laundry in the laundry room so the clothes are away from the litter. We have always folded our clothes in the
    living room while watching TV because its easier. My grandma has always had a huge house but, she keeps her litter on the main floor and in her laundry room so she can scoop and change the litter because the big trashcan is right there next to the garage so its handy when she bags it. I would personally really like it where we have it. Its out of the way for us but, in a good spot for Mirage our cat. We also use Tidy Cat's self clumpy litter and its more like tiny tiny bead-like litter. I have a sensitive nose even when I am not pregnant I don't smell it very much so I had to write a sticky note to do the final scooping nightly. I scoop as needed through the day. It works out well because for 1 the kids aren't in there for two Mirage does her business and its done and over with.
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    Ours is in the bottom corner of the linen closet, which is the only out of the way spot in our little house. There are sliding doors on the closet, so we just keep one partway open, and they can get in and out without the box being very noticeable. We use silica (crystal) litter and keep it scooped, so it doesn't affect the linens (we have a separate area for bath towels and kitchen linens, just in case).
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    Here it is, Janet. And really, calling it self cleaning is not really accurate but I love that I don't have to be in danger of it touching me lol. Basically you just tip it in it's side and all the poo falls into the tray that slides out to be disposed.
    And since our house is small, and the office is used for other things too. We pretty much know when they poo and I take care of it quickly.
    As a side, scented kitty litter is the worst invention ever.
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    Thank you all so much!!

    Quote Originally Posted by froggie83 View Post
    both look like kitty would love the chance to be "outside" especially the second one!
    Ok, yeah, those are awesome! Especially the bottom one. Wonder who I could get to build one for us??

    How did you find those? I can't even begin to think of what to call that, and therefore, what to google!

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    Cat runs seem to be verrry popular in Australia.

    Here is a company in the US that has free shipping:

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