We are moving to a new house! We will likely be moving and settling in this weekend.

However, I'm torn. It's a very compact house, so there is not a lot of "free" space. Therefore, our indoor only cat has no "unused" corner for her litter box, as we're used to. I don't want it in any bedroom, bathroom, dinning room, or the kitchen. That really only leaves the playroom and living room. And I don't want it in either of those either!!

So, obviously I'm going to have to put it somewhere I don't want it. But I need help. Where would you all put something as gross as the litter box?

(Very, very inaccurate, and very, very, very not to scale!)

I mean, I can't stand the thought of it in the playroom where the kids will be. The "office" is just a corner of the playroom, and I don't think we'll be able to shove it in there (it's really only a desk in the corner). The living room is an option, but we'll be hanging out there, too, including the kids. But... well, what would you do? Where would you put it? If you have a litter box and kids, and no "free" corner, where is yours? Of course, Maiya knows to leave it alone, and I'll teach the new one to, too, but it just bothers me that they're playing right there next to where she goes, ya know?