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Thread: is this normal?

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    Default is this normal?

    are my kids the only ones that prefer to be naked? no matter what i try to do they both end up naked.
    is this normal?

    what would you do about it?

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    I think it's normal. Our next door neighbors kid went through a phase of not wanting to wear pants for a while. My sister went naked for a long time as a kid. My dd was naked all last Sunday. I wouldn't discourage it unless you are out of the house or have company over.

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    Well, I do not know if it is normal but both my kids have gone through a naked phase. I started teaching them at about 3 - 4 that they can be naked when it is just us but have to put something on if we have company. They are fine with that rule. DS no longer wants to be naked but when typically wears only shirt and underwear when it is warm. If we have company, he puts shorts on.

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    just so i am not the only person in the world with children that look like they belong in a nudist colony
    they both started it when they discovered how to remove their own clothing. both will wear clothing for company and going places. ds will even try to stay in his room so i don't have to see it (i usually tell him to go to his room to be naked so that people driving by can't see him.)

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    I know its normal for kids to want to be naked but, it makes me uncomfortable. I'm OK with Cody not having a shirt on if its warm or for Sophia to be in a diaper and tee shirt but, I can't help how I feel about it. I've just told them to keep the clothes on. You can really just decide if its something that you are uncomfortable with if you want
    them to wear clothes. Its a personal choice per family. With clothes I am more conservative in general its how I grew up that's sort of stuck in my brain. Its my own problem but,
    I don't see anything wrong with it either way honestly. I think if your family is OK with it that's cool for you all if not its OK too. KWIM? Cody on his own is very modest. Sophia was the one that wanted to be naked so I let her have some freedom of a tee-shirt and diaper.
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    I think it's very normal. My kids have always wanted to be naked. Obviously dd1 (16) now wears clothes, but I don't think she likes it.
    Noe, 4.5, strips down pretty much every day. The backyard is pretty private so we let her run around in her undies back there ( I generally ask her to wear undies just so she doesn't get sand or dirt in her tender bits). She has to wear clothes if she goes into the front yard or if we have people over.
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    All of mine have loved to be naked, 2 in particular were nudists the 2nd of those 2 is the youngest, and i make her stay in her room or mine if she wants to be nakey. My oldest daughter asked why i cared about her running around naked when i let her brother except for company. i said when he was little there wasnt anyone else to care,now that dd wants to be naked the boys dont like her running around like that. DD said to just tell him it's karma

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